Property Tax Protest Season

Want a Property Tax Refund for '98?

Did you know the deadline for filing for a protest is on May 31? A good chance exists that we can help you get a property tax reduction -- even if you missed filing a protest.

Call for more information (281-353-4200) if you would like to reduce your tax liability. Or email us to find out more details. There is no obligation if your property turns out to be properly valued.

History: Reduction of over $27,000,000 in property value in last several years

Savings: That resulted in over $764,000 in tax savings for clients.

Contingency fee arrangement, with nothing paid by you UNLESS A REDUCTION IN YOUR PROPERTY TAX LIABILTY is achieved.

Call (281) 353-4200 for more information.

E-mail address:

Subscribe to the "Statement", published by the State of Texas. It is a free monthly publication devoted to property tax issues exclusively.

A sample of items from a recent issue include "How to calculate penalty and interest", and "State court cases of general interest."

To subscribe, call 1 (800) 252-9121, the office of John Sharp, Controller, Property Tax Division.

The topics are specifically valuable for property tax personnel and of some value to the general public.

The Harris County Appraisal District has its full, one-million-record database on the Internet, which makes them the first in the state to be online. For more information, please contact the District office.

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11 May 1999